There are no words to explain what an amazing organization Mom’s House is and what it means to me. It has been such a fundamental part of mine and my son’s lives over the past year. It’s not just a daycare facility; it’s a close-knitted community all working toward common goals. Success of the mothers and children is the main motivation here and that became evident to me in the beginning of my involvement with Mom’s House.

My son and I were welcomed into the program with open arms and smiling faces. One of the things that makes this organization such an extraordinary one is the fact that complete strangers are willing to invest in you and your child. There is the physical aspect of the program, of course, which is the fact that volunteers and everyday caregivers are working with your child each day while you’re at school. But there is also the psychological aspect of this program, which is the idea that complete strangers are willing to cheer you on and help you get through whatever it is you need to get through to reach success. Each mother here has a different story, but we are all treated as equals and we all receive the encouragement needed to push through rough patches and hard times. No questions and no judgement, just warm-hearted people that want to help you and your child reach success. Everybody here is kind and loving and would give the shirt off their back if they thought it would help someone else.

Since being taken into the Mom’s House family, unbreakable bonds have been formed and so much progress has been made in our lives. My son has turned a year old and will be walking sooner than I’m ready to believe. I attribute that success to everyone that walked up and down the hallway with him and the singing walker. (Oh, what a joy musical toys can be!) I am about to graduate from high school and I will start at BCC next fall. Thankfully, I’ll be staying with the Mom’s House family! I don’t think I’d like to go without seeing all of the smiling faces of everyone that works with and supports Mom’s House! Every person that donates to Mom’s House, whether it be time or monetary donations, is truly a blessing and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to be a part of something so wonderful! ~ Lindsey