When I first heard of Mom’s House, I was in a difficult situation as I had only recently learned that I was pregnant with my daughter, Nubia. I was a rising junior with a promising career in the Accounting field and not a clue on how to continue with a child. With the proper support from advisors and Mom’s House, I was able to not only have my daughter Nubia but, also continue in school. From my first day here at Mom’s House up until my last day, Mom’s House have helped me dramatically. Amidst of all the obstacles placed in my way, Mom’s House provided a safe area for me and my daughter to feel comfortable at while we thrived in our designated fields.
Every day that I brought my daughter, we were welcomed with open arms. Other parents that had been here for years welcomed me into the organization as if I had been here for years. I would never trade the experiences I gained here as I learned a lot of things from new mothering techniques to the type of mother I aspire to be for my daughter. Moreover, I know I will always have support from the wonderful employees and volunteers of Mom’s House. Now that I am graduating, I plan to savior these memories and ensure Nubia never forgets this magical place.